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Cluj Bus

Seller: Matyas Fabian
Price: FREE

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Find your way in Cluj-Napoca.

Are you tired of spending money on taxi or having a hard time finding a parking spot? Are you aware of the traffic-generated pollution in the city? Or are you merely in the mood for a beer in the city center? All developed cities in the world offer a network of quick, safe and easy to get means of public transport, so that you can move freely around.

Cluj-Napoca public transport has lately had a positive development: new buses and trams, modern stops, the possibility to purchase tickets via text messages, new bus services / routes.
Did you know you can get to Vivo in due time using different buses or that you can get to the Airport using two bus services? What's more: you can visit areas around Cluj-Napoca using the new services M, getting to more and more naturally and culturally rich villages. Cluj-Napoca has about 70 bus / tram services and it is your right to use them.

Cluj Bus is an interactive app, available in 4 languages (RO, HU, DE, EN), which turns your bus trip in a lovely experience. Using this app, you will permanently have access to the bus stops and points of interest around you, as well as to all available bus services / routes. The app was created by a small and enthusiastic team as a response to the needs of the city's inhabitants. We have given special attention to all details and easy use. In order to improve the quality of the app, we are eager to receive your suggestions to which we will personally answer asap.


• offline interactive map of Cluj-Napoca public transport, personally created by us (overview including all neighbourhoods)
• schedules will be updated automatically
• integrated compass for an easier orientation
• sequence of all stops on a route
• schedule of bus services
• points out stops having ticket kiosks
• points of interest (touristic, cultural, institutional, medical + taxi stops) around bus stops or according to categories

• announces the current / next stop while on the bus
• searches routes in the network of Cluj-Napoca transport
• searches stops around the streets you name
• finds stops and points of interest around you
• allows you to purchase tickets via text messages