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CodeBlue ListerMobile

Seller: Promatic Software
Price: FREE

Download CodeBlue ListerMobile free via AppsHawk.

How do you list your contents? Spreadsheets? Text files? Scribbles?

Isn’t it time for something better? Something easier? Something smarter?

ListerMobile, created by CodeBlue, is a smart, easy way to list your contents and it empowers you to take charge of your claim processing.

ListerMobile allows you to quickly and efficiently produce content listings of the items in a home or business. Simply start a new listing, add your items and their information and snap pictures as you go. For 30 content items or less, use the FasTrak option which allows you to have your list processed and returned to you on the spot! ListerMobile automatically syncs information with ListerCloud for easy access and gives you the ability to send yourself the final list right from the app.

ListerMobile simplifies the inventory process by combining the power of speech-to-text and your built-in camera to enable you to list items at top speed and accuracy. Reduce the time it takes to complete your inventory by up to 50% and increase your accuracy by up to 75%.

That’s it – no more disorganized spreadsheets, text files or scribbles!

ListerMobile… it’s an easy, hassle-free solution to listing contents inventory.

Contact us today to join our innovative CodeBlue Contents program and begin benefiting from tools like ListerMobile right away!