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Commit for MySQL: A modern multitasking client

Seller: Cubesoft SARL
Price: FREE

Download Commit for MySQL: A modern multitasking client free via AppsHawk.

Designed for the MySQL developers and DBAs from the ground up. Connect to your servers on the road to develop new code or to check your data.

* Optimized for iPad multitasking
* Synchronize your connections between devices with iCloud
* Connect to your databases directly or through a SSH tunnel
* Protect your connections with SSL
* Powerful SQL prompt / editor to write your code and execute your queries
* SQL syntax highlighting
* Keyboard shortcuts for easier usage with a hardware keyboard
* Local objects name highlighting in queries
* Main SQL keywords directly available from the keyboard
* Easily search for objects (table, view, field, constraint …) and paste their name in queries with one tap
* Browse all the objects in your db and see their definition / data / script ... with one tap
* Insert new rows or edit data in your tables
* Import files from any iOS document provider extension (Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive …)
* Export your queries to any iOS document provider extension
* Export the result sets of your queries to CSV or JSON
* Easily start transactions and commit or rollback yours modifications
* Sort your queries results with a tap on the columns headers
* Easily find the indexes, constraints, triggers and grants of a table
* Protect access to the app with TouchID

Problem or suggestions ? @commitdb on Twitter or send us an email at

THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING : A lot of new features are planned for the next months. Stay tuned !