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The first question each morning as you are peeking out from the window - "How should I dress up today?"

You check the sky, study the wind rustling the leaves, see what others are wearing, and finally you resort to go online and determine the weather numerically. Some guesswork follow and eventually you step outside with some clothes on - you are cold!

This weather app will not show you any numbers, degrees, percentages, speed or pressure, as you don't really need those to decide on your clothes. It does collect all these relevant data however and magically dress up a marvelous animal persona of your choice to help you decide: how will you feel perfectly comfortable throughout the day? uses:

- air temperature
- cloud cover
- rain prediction
- wind speed
- humidity
- pressure

To hint what clothes you need to put on, and whether you should bring an umbrella.

You can also:

- Choose between two persona (Scarlett and Tyler)
- Unlock 4 more persona
- Check the forecast for the week