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Download DriveRecord free via AppsHawk. your position and compass on map, convenient for you to distinguish the direction and travel。

2 when you arrive in a place, you can find restaurant hotel and gas station near by 。

3。route planning, showing the route from your location to the destination

4.record the places that you had visited by the GPS, and show on the map, automatic recording you location for a day's trip, you can view a particular day trip. Record your can see when and where you are at the time you record

5 can be photographed and graffiti, share with Email .

6. video record

You can also record the whereabouts of your husband or wife or other people and tell then report back to you, you can also hidden phone on someone's bag record of his whereabouts. surport background running in iphone4 above,the iphone3GS need to click the locate button or open the software to record position.iphone3GS dont not surport background record location
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life