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EAZY Fractions 2

Seller: appToolFactory
Price: FREE

Download EAZY Fractions 2 free via AppsHawk.

Add, subtract, multiply, divide and compare. Mix fractions, decimals and integers and see the results as a fraction, decimal or percentage.

Much like EAZY Fractions 1, Version 2 will make checking your own or your child's calculations a breeze. Compared to Version 1 EAZY Fractions 2 is more convenient, quicker and more versatile. Use for any kind of fraction calculation - simple or complex - at home, at work or wherever you take your iPhone or iPad.

EAZY Fractions 2 is an entirely new App, re-coded from scratch with new functions and a more elegant, more functional and faster user interface.

- You can now compare various types of numbers, not only fractions but also decimals. You can even compare the results of calculations.
- Your results are automatically saved. You can reload previous calculations and edit them to quickly and conveniently modify and recalculate.
- While the intuitive user interface makes using EAZY Fractions 2 as simple and convenient as it gets, the App provides both help and examples to demonstrate functions and get you started quickly.

Enough said - try it out and see for yourself.
No in-App purchases required, no advertising.

Recommended devices: iPhone 5/5S/6/6Plus or above. iPad 2 or above.
Screen sizes smaller than 4 inches (iPhone 4S and older or iPods) not recommended.