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Eureka 4WD Training

Seller: MRH Training Apps Pty Ltd
Price: FREE

Download Eureka 4WD Training free via AppsHawk.

A must have App for anybody and everybody that owns or drives a 4WD vehicle.

This 4WD Training App is packed with 20 x Instructional Videos all filmed with the Eureka 4WD Training instructors PLUS 39 x pages of essential off road driving information and techniques.

Videos of recovery techniques and self-recovery are included. Key Start Recovery (Stall Start Recovery) is demonstrated. Snatch Strap use and demonstrations. How to use an “Air Jack” and “Traction Boards”. We set up and demonstrate on video how to tackle a water crossing. PLUS, the “Do’s & Don’ts” and “Hint’s & Tips” from the Eureka team of experts.

We will help you develop driving skills to tackle a wide range of terrain types. Some we explore including:
• Sand Driving
• Bush Driving
• Water Crossings
• Mud Driving
• Rock Driving
• Gravel Road Driving

This App has captured the vast experience (gained over 22 years) of Eureka 4WD Training. There is no “sign up” simply download this App and you’re good to go! Eureka are not “promoting” products and all of the video demonstrations are done using equipment that Eureka use every day, not because they’re paid to use it.

Once downloaded to your iPhone, iPod or iPad you do NOT need phone coverage to use or view any of the content.

Our 4WD Training App is not designed to replace a training course from a qualified instructor. It is designed to give you some valuable driving and safety information, and to help you pre and post training. This information is sure to help you get the most out of your vehicle.

Q. Who are Eureka 4WD Training?

A. Eureka 4WD Training have been training 4WDrivers for over 22 years, both recreational 4WDrivers and employees of the world largest mining and construction companies. They are register by the Western Australian Government (RTO 52488) to deliver Nationally Accredited Training.

The terms and conditions of use are detailed on the developer’s web site (link below), for you to read prior to purchase. You will be asked within the app to agree to these terms and conditions prior to using the app. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions you will not be able to use the app. Please read prior to purchase at: