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Face Swap 2017 : Face In Hole & Photo Montage

Seller: Monoara Begum
Price: -1

Download Face Swap 2017 : Face In Hole & Photo Montage free via AppsHawk.

Face Swap 2017 – the ultimate photo fun generator for your iPhone and iPad! It can easily put your face on another body. Take a nice portrait photo using your device’s camera and become whoever you want to be!

It’s a great photo app with hilarious funny effects! Take a nice portrait photo and become whomever you have ever wanted to be! Simply select a template from the built-in photo library and place your face inside to see the results!

Face Swap 2017 contains more than 250 awesome effects for your photos including:
- Funny Photo Montages
- Stylish Photo Effects
- Advanced Editing Tool to Place Your Image Precisely
- Hilarious Human-to-animal Montages
- Beautiful Masks
- Newly Trading Frames

Face Swap 2017 provides photo effects for all preferences and tastes. But if you want still more, feel free to suggest your ideas! Your feedback is highly appreciated! We will be happy to create new effects inspired by your ideas!

- Place your face on funny images and have tons of fun!
- Instantly and convincingly replace your face!
- Lots of categories to choose from!
- Advanced editing tool to place your image precisely!
- Export HD images to your library!
- Share the photo on Facebook or Instagram instantly!

Download the app now and start making your own personalised hilarious funny photos within seconds!