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Fault Current Finder

Seller: Octagon Seven LLC
Price: FREE

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Fault Current Finder is a system modeling tool for short circuit calculations. It models an electrical distribution system to determine the available fault current (short circuit current) anywhere within the system.  This useful tool helps Engineers, Electricians and Facility Managers evaluate if devices and equipment such as fuses, circuit breakers, panels, switchboards and switches are rated to meet the maximum available fault current. NEC 2017 440.4 requires dated short circuit calculations for every new HVAC install be made available to the inspector! IEC 60364 and DIN VDE 0100 require calculations for "Short Circuit Currents in Three Phase Systems". Short circuit current is also needed for arc flash calculations meeting NFPA 70E standard.

Using a typical one line diagram approach, system information can be easily entered and fault current through an entire radial system can be easily evaluated.

Methodology: The internationally recognized per unit (X & R Networks) methodology is used to calculate available fault current from Utility Transformers, Generators and Inverters.  Additional resistance and reactance factors from conductors, buses and switches are calculated throughout the system. Per unit calculations provide superior model accuracy by independently calculating resistance and reactance throughout the electrical distribution system to develop X & R at each device. Meets ANSI C37.13 Low voltage equipment standard for 3 phase symmetrical fault current

This app can can be used to help determine NEC (NFPA 70) and OSHA short circuit current ratings (SCCR), Ampere Interrupting Capacity (AIC) & Interrupting Rating (IR) for over current protection devices (OCPD) and associated equipment such as panels, switchboards, transfer switches, riser buses, disconnect switches, fuses and circuit breakers in systems 600V or less.

To protect your facilities operational reliability, increase up time and increasing worker safety, ensure your equipment has adequate SSCR & AIC rating to meet short circuit current! Fault current finder is the easiest fault current tool!

Short circuit reports are available (in-app purchase required)..