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Fido&Pumpkin Position Words

Seller: Sakura Imaginings
Price: FREE

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Join in with Fido and Pumpkin as they discover what ‘position’ means, through a series of fun-filled animated adventures!

The bright, colourful animations and activities engage children in learning, while providing the satisfaction of instant feedback and the teaching of new positional concepts.

After watching an animation, the child is asked to answer a ‘position’ question. If they succeed with the correct answer they are rewarded. If they choose the incorrect answer, a new animation demonstrates where Fido or Pumpkin would be if they were in the position they have chosen, so they can compare and see the difference. For those who are not yet confident in reading, all answer options are fully audible.

So let’s jump into learning all about ‘position’!

Meets the Australian Curriculum Guidelines for Kindergarten/ Prep Mathematics:
ACMMG010 Describe position and movement


also meets the UK statutory requirements for Mathematical Geometry - Position and Direction KS1 and KS2:
Pupils should be taught to: describe position.


Initial concept, graphic assets and character design:
Julie Easthope and Jemina Da Silva Macedo

JSD Design and VideoClick

Michael Azzopardi

David Liu