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FlightScope Video

Seller: FlightScope
Price: FREE

Download FlightScope Video free via AppsHawk.

FlightScope Video allows you to maximize your lessons, fittings and/or practice sessions when paired with a FlightScope radar. This app features the ability to choose from a variety of data and video screen combinations to display during each session. From pressure shift analysis and mental training to multiple camera views, you are in control of the focus of each swing.

Create custom lesson recordings with access to a variety of drawing tools as well as screencast with voiceover to provide instant, shareable, visual and audio feedback.

Important: This app requires the use of a FlightScope X-Series radar model.
At launch, this app will only be supported by iPad.

Highlights include:
- Data, video, pressure shift and mental training for an all-in-one solution
- Custom lesson recordings
- Fully customizable screen and data display
- Screencast with voiceover commentary
- 28 data parameters
- BodiTrak & FocusBand integration
- Split screen video and data comparison
- Speed and acceleration profiles
- Equipment selection for precise performance analysis
- Data will automatically be uploaded and stored at
- Videos can be uploaded and stored by purchasing a subscription

This version runs on the two latest versions of iOS.