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FrameIt AR

Seller: Long Pan
Price: FREE

Download FrameIt AR free via AppsHawk.

Watch your favorite photos come to life: framed and hung on the wall, through your phone camera view!

Decorating wall with artworks and photos is not easy task. You have to figure out what photo to use, how big it should be, and exactly where to hang it, and so on so forth. All these choices and effort may lead to an expensive, irreversible spending that you can only pray that it come out OK.

Built on augmented reality technology, FrameIt AR strives to make this process less painful and more enjoyable. Just use a one dollar bill or print out FrameIt AR specific target (highly recommended), place it on the wall, and then pointing your iPhone/iPad camera to it, voila, now you can see any photo from your phone on the wall. You can also quickly switch between a few commonly used frame styles, as well as some frequently used sizes.