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Seller: Know Me Inc.
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Friendclips helps you collect brief, personal video messages from close friends, family or associates and conveniently organize them by their role in your life.

You know that warm feeling you get watching home movies? Friendclips captures that experience in a new way. You become the casting director, inviting people who play or have played an important part in your life to record a message you can watch to remind you of them and moments you have shared. Nearly half of Americans say they feel lonely. In this mobile society, we can’t always be with the ones we love, but with Friendclips, we can hear a message from them any time we choose.

When might you use Friendclips?

As a memory device for professionals who need to get to know a lot of people quickly.
• Teachers can quickly learn the names of new students, as well as a little about them
• Doctors can have a more personal relationship with patients by accessing their videos before each visit
• Therapists and coaches can quickly learn students', patients' or teams' names and faces
• Managers of assisted living communities can remember the names and faces of all residents

To hear and see distant family and friends anytime.
• It’s hard to remember names and faces of people you don't often see
• Ask them to send you a clip for your app, or have fun recording them yourself at a reunion or block party

If you have a communication or memory disability, loneliness and separation can be two of your biggest sources of unhappiness. Social media can actually make you more lonely, but Friendclips is personal — meant only for people you are close to.
• See and hear the people you miss
• Share those who matter most to you with others
• Get help learning to say and remember names
• Provide clues to who you would like to spend more time with by the people you choose to view
• Become better known as viewers learn more about you through the messages of different people in your life
• Let people who support you learn more about each other and how they each relate to you
• Have fun sharing your social circles

Family, friends, caregivers, and others significant to the person can:
• Gain deeper understanding through the eyes of others
• Be reassured that the person has a rich social life
• Easily send clips with new messages
• Become familiar with people they may never meet, but who are important in the life of their friend

Friendclips features
• Designed for people of any demographic or disability group
• Film, organize, and watch video clips, which are backed up and synced to the cloud
• Editable and adaptable for a variety of uses


Friendclips is part of a suite of tools created by Know Me Inc to enrich the lives of people with communication and other disabilities.

Know Me Inc was founded by the mother of a son with multiple disabilities. She concluded communication was the factor most likely to limit his long term quality of life; and that this is true for many people with disabilities including autism, dementia, Alzheimer's, apraxia, aphasia, articulation disorder/delay, dysarthria, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, developmental and intellectual disabilities.

She hopes for a day when these different interest groups come together to solve this very serious problem. Go to for more of the story and learn how you can join her in this rewarding work.