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Seller: ProtoTech Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd.
Price: FREE

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gContactsImporter lets you import your contacts (or address book) from another phone or Laptop/PC using Google Drive. If you have just bought a new iPhone and don't want to type in hundreds of your address book entries from your existing phone again, gContactsImporter is the app for you. In just a few taps you are set.

* Imports contacts from .csv (comma separated values) file
* Automatically maps the address book fields from your .csv file (e.g. Postal code -> ZIP code)
* Gives you option to adjust the mapping
* Creates a new group for your imported contacts

gContactsImporter imports your contacts from a .csv file present on Google Drive. Most of the handset providers have a PC suite (e.g. Nokia, Sony Ericsson etc.) from which you can easily export all your contacts to a .csv file. You can also do the same from most of the computer applications (Outlook, Thunderbird etc.) and other mobile devices (Palm etc.). Here's the step-by-step guide for importing your contacts
1. Export your existing address book to .csv file (refer to your mobile handset manual for details).
2. Upload the .csv file to your Google Drive account. You can learn more about Google Drive and how to upload your .csv files at " ". Please note that when you upload your .csv file to Google Drive, please 'uncheck' the option "Convert documents, presentations, and spreadsheets to the corresponding Google Docs formats" to avoid your .csv file getting converted to spreadsheet format automatically.
3. Launch gContactsImporter and enter the filename and access details to your Google Drive account (username, password, and the CSV filename)
4. gContactsImporter will map the fields and present you with a table. You can edit the map if you want.
5. Enter a group name to which you want to import all the contacts to. Leave blank to import to All Contacts.
6. Tap 'Import' and you are done! The number of contacts that are imported will be displayed.

1. Before you purchase this app, please note that to use this application you will need to be able to upload your address book file to a Google Drive account and retrieve it by specifying username and password. The developers of gContactsImporter do not provide this facility.

If you do not trust Google with your data? Prefer to use your own FTP site? You might want to look at our other iPhone application iContactsImporter which does the same thing, but lets you use your own FTP site.

You can check a free version of this app called gContactsImporterLite@ ""