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Seller: Encke Technologies
Price: FREE

Download GLC VIP free via AppsHawk.

The GLC VIP App is designed to be your legal companion in the field. A simple, yet robust app, it has been designed to keep your mobile device in touch with your GLC Legal Team. we have combined the most used of several features to give you one click access to vital information while you are on-the-go. No more lengthly calls or missing an opportunity due to calculation errors.
The app offers the following great features:
1.See the local time in Costa Rica!
2.Reminder Section to see any tasks or pending subjects you have open with GLC Abogados.
3.Live Chat Section to always be in contact with your GLC Abogados!
4.USD to CRC Exchange Rate updated every minute from the Banco Central de Costa Rica
5.Unit Conversion:
5.1.Meter to feet
5.2.Feet to meter
5.3.Hectares to acres
5.4.Acres to hectares
5.5.Colones to Dollars
5.6.Dollars to Colones
5.7.Celsius to Fahrenheit
5.8.Fahrenheit to Celsius
6.Firm Information and Profile
7.List of Services and detailed how-to information
7.1.Corporations in Costa Rica
7.2.Companies in Costa Rica
7.3.Immigrate to Costa Rica
7.4.Costa Rican Real Estate
7.5.Costa Rican Asset Planning
7.6.Trademarks in Costa Rica
7.7.Litigation in Costa Rica
7.8.How to do business in Costa Rica
8.Live List of Costa Rican Holidays
9.Live Access to the GLC Abogados Blog from your device!
10.Legal Team Details / General Company information