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GS MCAT General Chemistry

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Gold Standard MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) General Chemistry flashcards application contains the most tested MCAT General Chemistry topics and concepts summarized using 107 high quality probing questions that are divided into 3 categories: Basic, Most Tested and MCAT 45. Scores are saved to keep track of your progress and there is an option to mark difficult questions for later review. This Gold Standard Flashcards App is a learning tool for revision but it is not a multiple-choice practice exam.

Bonus: this app also contains 10 General Chemistry videos (45 min) with a clear teaching style by Dr. Ferdinand, the primary author of our Gold Standard MCAT textbook and our best-selling 10 full-length MCAT online practice tests.

Videos index: The Periodic Table, Molecular Polarity, Gases, Solutions (Concentration), Le Chatelier’s Principle, Acids and Bases, Hess Law, Thermochemistry, Oxidation Numbers, Thermodynamics.

Improve your study efficiency with top level information in the palms of your hands.

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