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$hare - split and share expenses with friends for trips, dorm and more

Seller: Prasanna Narayan
Price: FREE

Download $hare - split and share expenses with friends for trips, dorm and more free via AppsHawk.

$hare is an easy to use, simple way to share expenses with your friends and settle up. Every deal with tracking several receipts after you went on a trip, figuring out who needs to pay up to who? $hare makes it easy to quickly add every time you spend. Your friends can do that too from their own app. it takes a few seconds and add as you go. When it is done, it tells you who all spent and how much each owes to other. Send out notes and settle up.

What can you $hare?
- $hare expenses when you on a trip with friends or groups. Camping, ski trip, road tip to Vegas or wherever!
- Track your bills when you share a room or apartment. Settle each month and keep going
- Simply track how much you are spending when you go on a trip with family and want to stay on a budget
- All your friends can add their expenses and synch it through a simple email and add it to your app
- $hare makes it splitting much easier when expenses are only done for some people in the group and everything is not so even!

All your data is stored locally and no data is stored or shared outside the app. the expenses you want to share are sent through your email as attachment which can only be opened by your friend in their app. it is perfectly safe, since there is no sensitive data stored anywhere outside your device.

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