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Seller: Micro Concepts Pty. Ltd.
Price: FREE

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Developed by MicroConcepts for Clare Maxfield International Stylist.
How many times have you found your self wondering what will I wear, have I worn this outfit to this function before, when did I last wear that?
How many times have you found yourself thumbing through your closet, have all your clothes spread over the bed trying to choose an outfit?

iDresser can take the guess work and tedium out of looking good every time you go out.
Your peers will notice how you wear a different outfit each outing.

With iDresser you can browse the items in your closet, no need to be trawling through your wardrobe. You can compare items side by side and create new outfits that you never thought you had, all from the comfort of your lounge room chair.

No more panic wondering what you will pack for tomorrow’s trip. Simply browse your closet and add items and outfits to your suitcase. The next day select the items directly from the iDresser suitcase into your bags. All the decisions have been made what to take in comfort the night before.

No more guessing when you last wore that outfit, simply touch the iDresser Wear button when you leave the house or hotel and it is recorded as worn in your wardrobe.

No more guessing when to retire an item or outfit from your closet, simply search your closet for all items that have not been worn in the last 12 months and remove them making way for the new seasons fashion.

Ever wondered while shopping if that Jacket would go with your wardrobe?
Simply take a photo and mix and match the Jacket with your wardrobe over a Latte.
No more trying to remember or guess the little details of the items in your wardrobe that can make or break a top outfit.

Take the guesswork out of shopping.

With iDresser you also gain access to one of the worlds leading Style Consultants, browse her daily style blog, gain access to loads of invaluable free advice on how to look good all the time.