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Seller: Yusuf Attarwala
Price: 0.99

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iNails is a cool handy companion for a Nail Polish lover.

* Packed with an extensive database of top-brand Nail Polishes, this App will help you match colors, share, explore and manage your Nail Polish collection.

* New colors will be added to the library dynamically as new Nail Polish collections are released.

* Built-in camera feature: Take a snapshot of your 'dress/shoe/any item' and find a matching Nail Polish, complete with details on the Brand and the name of the Color.

* Create your own lists and share it with friends.


1) I wonder which Nail Polish matches my New Stilettos?
2) What are my best friends' favorite Nail Polish colors?
3) Hmm.. have I tried this Nail Polish before?
4) How does this Nail Color look after it is applied?
5) Can someone tell me the names of OPI Collections?
6) I'd like to show off my Nail Polish collections to my friends, but how?
7) Which top-brand Nail Colors are out there in say "Shades of Green"?

If you ever have been riddled with one of these questions or if you love to pamper yourself with Nail Colors, then this is a "Must Have App" for you.