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Intelligent SMS

Seller: Ahmad Ahdab
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Intelligent SMS protects your Text Messages (SMS) before sending them by using a password (and date / optional) so that recipients cannot read them without this password.

With Intelligent SMS you can make sure that no one can read your Text Messages except the people that you want.

Intelligent SMS has many unique features that make it intelligent and different which are:

* An intelligent user interface that detects your current state to show the right buttons for you.
* Automatically detects if you are protecting a message or recovering a protected message.
* Simple interface that acts as a wizard with the Next button to protect or recover your messages.
* Allows you to write a password with any length (no size limit).
* Offers you the option to select Automatic Password generation instead of you writing a password.
* When recovering a protected message, automatically detects whether the message needs a password or it was created by an Automatic Password.
* Allows you to use the Date with protection so your protected messages will have a 24 hour life time to be read (can't be read after that; the message is valid till Midnight GMT).
* Automatically detects whether you are writing your message in English letters or other languages (such as Arabic, Japanese…) to let you benefit from the 160 characters size of the text message when writing in English or 70 in other languages.
* Shows you the number of Text Messages (SMS) needed for your protected message before sending it.

Using Intelligent SMS is very simple, you write the message in the application, protect it, and send it from the application. On the recipient side, you copy the received protected message from your messages inbox, then go to the application and follow the wizard…

Intelligent SMS is very powerful yet very simple to use and intended to be used for your privacy or fun. Do not use this application for illegal activity.