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Jellybox - Receive tool

Seller: LIN WU
Price: -1

Download Jellybox - Receive tool free via AppsHawk.

Jellybox is a tool for tidying and storage, recorded mainly in pictures mode. Things can be managed by multi-level system and can be supplementally recorded in a way of making tags, notes and pictures. Liberate your brain from remembering all the sundries.

You may use Jellybox in the following situations:
-Books I need to read in this year;
-Shopping list for the next time;
-Necessity list when evection and travel;
-Recording menbers’ faces and names in a meeting;
-Inspection or checking materials in a program;
-Recording your kids’ childhood in dribs and brabs;
-Places for infrequent using articles after a sweepup;

Please leave your comments in the comments section if you find any bug or have some good ideas. I will timely check and deal with it.