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Light DJ Studio for Hue & LIFX

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Download Light DJ Studio for Hue & LIFX free via AppsHawk.

Record Philips Hue or LIFX light shows to your favorite tracks. Play along to over 30+ million Apple Music tracks as your lights change before you. It's easy create the ultimate library of tracks with 5 single beat-style effects and 5 multi-effects that instantly change the ambiance of your entire room. Whether you’re creating a light show to celebrate your team’s win, creating a spooky halloween ambiance, or just want to create the ultimate library of power ballads, Light DJ Studio has everything you need make the perfect light show!

(If you’re looking for a real-time music light controller that works with any music source, search for Light DJ in the App Store.)

RECORD AND PLAYBACK LIGHT SHOWS: Play with your lights as you listen to your favorite tracks. Save your recorded light shows for later playback.

WORKS WITH APPLE MUSIC: Subscribe to Apple Music to enable recording your light shows to over 30 million tracks.

WORKS WITH LOCAL MUSIC: Load your own library of tracks onto your device for a completely offline experience.

NOTE EFFECTS: Play one of 5 note effects that go along with your music. Each note effect triggers a random light in your room.

COMBO & 5X BUTTONS: Repeat an effect on the same light or up to 5 adjacent lights.

MULTI-EFFECTS: Multi-effects affect all of the bulbs in your room at once. Make your lights swirl or wave as they travel around your room. Good for the slow parts.

FREE-PLAY MODE: Want to practice your light show skills or just want to play while your music runs in the background? Free Play mode will let you play with your lights for as long as you like.

LIGHT GROUPS & ORDERING: Your lights, your way. Include only the lights you want to use. Assign your lights an order to ensure multi-effects display correctly in your room.

LIGHT-INDEPENDENT RECORDINGS: If your light setup changes your recordings will still work. To ensure good performance up to 10 lights can be selected in a group.

LIGHT DJ STUDIO vs LIGHT DJ (PRO): Light DJ Studio is made especially for *recording* light shows. If you’re looking for a live music, DJ controller-like experience that works with any audio source, check out Light DJ in the App Store. It’s free to download and try so you see if you like the effects. Upgrading to Light DJ Pro unlocks the whole app with 30+ beat-synced effects and music visualizer.

This app requires hardware from one of these vendors:
-Philips Hue:


Hi, I'm Kevin, the creator of Light DJ. I want to make sure that everyone gets a great light show, so if you're having issues getting the app to connect, or have any suggestions, shoot me an email at I'm dedicated to making a quality app so you can show off your new lights!