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Seller: Promatic Software
Price: FREE

Download ListerMobile free via AppsHawk.

Your content listing problems are over.

Use your phone to produce packout inventories and content listings of the items in your home or business for insurance purposes. This app combines the power of speech-to-text and the built-in camera to enable you to list and document your belongings and do your packout inventories like never before.

It is simple you just:

1) Speak to your IPhone to describe each item; it is instantly turned into text (or just type it in).

2) Take as many photos as you need of that item. These photos are attached directly to this item.

3) Chose to upload these photos now or later and if you want you can email the listing to the customer or file handler from the site.

It is that easy and no costly hardware. Get your ListerMobile NOW.