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Long Term Memory Flashcard Learning Box

Seller: NPV Consulting
Price: FREE

Download Long Term Memory Flashcard Learning Box free via AppsHawk.

This app follows the basic principle of repetition at certain time intervals in order to get vocabulary or any kind of knowledge into your long term memory.

Since you carry your learning app with you all the time you can utilise your idle time for learning and reviewing. Why not spend you time waiting for the bus or waiting for you coffee to do some revision or learning. It's too easy!

The learning process is extremely efficient - cards you learn easily move through the learning box faster than others.

Ideally, you create the cards whilst e.g. reading an article or studying a specific topic. There is no point in buying pre-developed card sets - you have no relation to them and therefore you will find it very difficult to memorise them. The card creation is the most important part of the learning process.