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MazeQuest - An Adventure RPG

Seller: OMB Media
Price: 1.99

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The King has been kidnapped, and the land of Reynard is under siege! Gather a party, and travel your way to different lands in a quest to re-seal an ancient evil. MazeQuest is a throwback to the 16 bit RPG era, with colorful 2d graphics and top-down turn based combat. The game is designed to be simple enough for casual players, but with a level of strategy to satisfy even the most diehard RPG buffs!

Some features include:
-Over 40 unique character classes, some will join and some will fight you.
-A hex based combat positioning system.
-A novel and finely tuned skill system with over 40 skills, each can be leveled up
-Over 20 spells with their own unique particle effect animations.
-Over 10 different weapon types, each with different advantages / drawbacks.
-Choose your starting character from 4 unique classes and build them in any way you want.
-Explore, loot and fight your way through 5 different lands, each with unique enemies and bosses.
-A well balanced financial system. You must buy equipment, potions and skill books, but you will
only have so much money. Spending your money wisely is key to success!
-No Advertisements, Pop-ups, or In-App purchases. You get the full game.