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Mood Sampler

Seller: Develop
Price: FREE

Download Mood Sampler free via AppsHawk.

The Mood Sampler is a 15-button sampler, that allows you to trigger sounds of your choice. It is fun for story telling, making jokes and surprising your friends and family.

The Application gives you the option to choose your favorite 15 samples out of a list and assign them to your desired buttons.

Some of the categories included in this App are:

Laughter Sounds
Romantic Music
Thriller Effects
Animals Sounds
Communication Noises
And more....

Add some flavor to your conversation, tell a story or a joke with the proper sound effect ready. Connect your earphone plug to a stereo system and use it as a sampler to your private theatre show, TV show or stand up comedy in your own living room.... ITS FUN :))))))))

ENJOY ....