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MTB Chart

Seller: Alexander Dik
Price: FREE

Download MTB Chart free via AppsHawk.

MTB Chart is advanced analytics tool for mountain bike enthusiasts. It records all types of data provided by iPhone sensors, process them, and builds comprehensive performance report to improve your riding skills.

Beside calculating standard values of distance, time, speed and elevation - it is going much more further.

MTB Chart applies intelligent analytics to understand how you actually ride, your strengths and weaknesses. Then it visualizes your riding skills over the trail with 3 performance dimensions:
• Technique - ability to control bike on very rough terrains like rocks and roots
• Flowing - riding high speed descent sections particularly singletracks and fire roads
• Cornering - effectively pass corners with minimum speed loss

Each performance dimension is calculated based on mountain bike riding physics, taking in account multiple factors:
• Descent grade
• Rocks and roots
• Corner radius
• Breaking and acceleration
• Air resistance

It is remarkable how valuable it could be to understand if you were underperforming while riding through rocky technical section on long Alpine trail and directly highlight it on the map.

Even more, riding somewhere in Whistler on high speed downhill track, you could test your flowing and cornering skills. And then check how you improve them over the time with subsequent runs.

You can take MTB Chart anywhere you go and use it without internet connection to measure your riding performance in the most wild places over the world.

• MTB Chart uses the altimeter sensor found in the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and later models. Older iPhone models 5s and SE are being supported in limited mode without altitude tracking

• To assure more precise analysis results, your iPhone should be firmly fixed in backpack or upper body pocket while riding
• Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life