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My Sketchpad - Draw, Fingerpaint, or Add Text on Photos, Texture or School Paper

Seller: Ammar Anbari
Price: FREE

Download My Sketchpad - Draw, Fingerpaint, or Add Text on Photos, Texture or School Paper free via AppsHawk.

My Sketchpad is one of the best apps to allow you to paint, draw, doodle and add text to your photos or specialty papers included in the app. It also lets you handwrite over included school paper.

Features include:

IMPORT PHOTOS from Camera Roll. My Sketchpad lets the user rotate and crop the photo once imported.

TAKE PHOTOS from within the app.

SELECT A SOLID COLOR BACKGROUND to draw or add text on.

SELECT FROM 60 TEXTURE PAPER BACKGROUNDS including school ruled paper

PAINT TOOL offers unlimited sizing option for the brush size

ERASE TOOL to erase any unwanted drawn images

UNDO and REDO options

COLOR PALLETTE allows unlimited options for paint brush color

COLOR TRANSPARENCY allows the user to select the opacity of the paint brush.

TEXT TOOL allows the user to enter text using any of the fonts installed on their device including any custom fonts. Once entered, the app lets them rotate and move the text anywhere on the photo.

SHARING TOOL allows the user to share the new image from within the app using Message, Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc., save it to Camera Roll, or print it to a connected printer.

FUN: My Sketchpad is fun for all ages. It has endless potential and great possibilities. Imagine adding a funny drawing over a photo, highlighting a portion of a photo for a colleague, tracing over text on the screen to practice handwriting, taking photos of homework and doing it on the screen, or simply adding a creative caption to your photos. Using the special textured paper, you can create custom flyers or handouts. Using the school paper, anyone can use the app as a special multimedia notebook. Let your photos tell a story.

See what some of our users have said about My Sketchpad:

“I am a professional wedding photographer, and I like using My Sketchpad to caption Save the Date photos for my clients.”

“As an autism therapist, I love the endless color and brush size options. It lets my young students do their school work while being entertained”

“My daughter loves sending doodle messages to her nana using My Sketchpad. She is obsessed.”

“I am a basketball coach and I use My Sketchpad to plan different plays with my team over a basketball court photo I import from my Camera Roll.”

“A great tool to practice handwriting for kids. I installed two handwriting fonts on my iPad and I use My Sketchpad to let my son practice his writing skills.”

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