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Seller: Trond Benum
Price: FREE

Download MyFootballStats free via AppsHawk.

MyFootballStats lets you collect a rich set of statistics in a casual manner while watching a football game. It also lets you share the report live on Other spectators can comment and add pictures from the game on the game page once you have started publishing. Visit to see a sample of matches which have been published. Note: Publishing is free in 2018 but we reserve the right to introduce a subscription for publishing in future versions.

MyFootballStats offers a unique approach to collecting statistics from a match:

You collect possession data by entering recording mode and placing your thumb over the team which has the ball.

Lift your thumb when a player attempts a pass and place your thumb over the receiving team.

If the ball goes out of play, drag your thumb across the sideline or goal-line and release.

If a tackle is made, drag your thumb across midfield and release.

Drag your thumb over a goal and release when a shot/attempt is made. It does not matter which goal. The team with the possession gets the goal/attempt.

The app pops up a menu requesting more information when needed.

It will also ask you what happened if you release your thumb for more than 3 seconds.

Press the game clock on top of the recording screen at the end of the half to stop the game clock.

You start reporting from a new game by pressing the '' icon in the 'Matches' screen.