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Seller: Gilthonwe Apps
Price: FREE

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You must authorize the application to access your contacts in order to work

With MyFriendsMap, you can now locate on a map the different addresses (home, work, etc.) of each of your contacts.
The first time the application is started, it will parse your address book and calculate the GPS coordinates of each address (please make sure you are connected to the internet at that time).

- See all your contacts on a single map!
- Display all the addresses of a contact on a map as well as your current location
- Option to re-position the pin of an address on the map for a better accuracy
- Option to have an arrow showing you the heading, speed, remaining time and distance to one address
- Table with all addresses sorted by distance compared to your location
- Option to add temporary addresses that are around you
- Call / send messages to your contact directly from the app
- Option to change the accuracy of the GPS device

More exciting features to come soon...