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Seller: Sandeep Ranade
Price: FREE

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Imagine an app that plays music, improvises and adapts at the speed of thought, and accompanies you with intelligence and creativity in a way that if you close your eyes, you’ll believe it is a group of live human expert musicians! NaadSadhana for iOS brings this vision closer to reality.

NaadSadhana for iOS helps to recreate a live experience with Talented Tabla and Manjira, Smart Swarmandal, Rich Tanpuras and a Precision Tuner. NaadSadhana is a one-of-a-kind app that brings the best features of the Gurukul system of learning into the Technology Age by marrying Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Music to bring about endless evolution.

Everything you need to practice or perform more accurately, more creatively and with more enjoyment, all in one app!

* Perfect Notes (Swar) with the Precision Tuner, reference 22-shruti keyboard, score and history.
* Perfect Ragas with the Smart Swarmandal, Rich Tanpuras and Surpeti.
* Perfect Rhythm (Taal) with Talented Tabla and Manjira.

The Pitch Perfect Partner!