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Seller: Blowfish Consulting
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It all Starts with a Name

NamePanic allows you to enter key physical descriptors and use easily assignable groups for lighting fast recall. Once entered you can then enter a description of someone and recall them by what you see and not just what you remember.

End the awkwardness of forgetting someones name and build both those personal and professional relationships.

Get NamePanic and push your life forward.


Can be used in place of your iPhone contacts. What is entered into NamePanic is reflected in your main contact list; such as Name, Notes, phone number, birthday etc. (with the exception of specific NamePanic descriptor data)

When you open NamePanic it is linked to your iOS contacts and brings up your existing contacts. No double entry of basic data

Use descriptors to identify people you have met
• Skin Tone
• Hair Color
• Gender
• Body Type
• Height
• Age
• Other (Tattoos, Glasses, Freckles, Stash, Beard, Piercings)

Refine you input\search information by using easily assignable groups

Enter someone’s physical description and later you can search your iOS database for a match in seconds

Initial “add Contact” screen is designed for maximum efficiency with the most important fields instantly available – Name, Phone number, Notes, Physical descriptors and Groups.

You can share NamePanic data with other NamePanic users

Create a “Facecon” of the person you are describing along with the standard photo option.

Fields available in iPhone contact list are available in NamePanic.


Only available for the iPhone at this time

Standard fields are shared between NamePanic and your iPhone contact list. However, Physical Descriptor and FaceCon data is only available in your NamePanic app