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OphthoBilling LLC

Seller: OphthoBilling LLC
Price: FREE

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The OphthoBilling app is for ophthalmologists and optometrists. It helps to easily create lists of procedures that are commonly performed, with the correct CPT codes, ICD-10s, modifiers and the correct RVUs.

The function of the app is to minimize billing errors which can lead to delays or rejected claims. Once created by the user, the billing lists can be easily sent via email or text message, reused over time, modified, etc.

Most importantly, the app will not allow the bundling of CPT codes.
- Create lists of commonly performed procedures with associated CPT & ICD-10 codes

- Add modifiers when needed

- Complete ICD-10 codes pertaining to ophthalmology & optometry
- Choose a CPT code then the ICD-10 codes that apply will come up effortlessly
- Avoids bundling!!!!
- Send lists via email or text message
- Suggest additional CPT codes and, if meaningful, they will be added to the platform for you (and others) to use!

Requires internet connection.