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Part of the Indoor Recess Games CFS Bundle

Need a two-player activity for inside recess or long drives? ParCheeseMe was created with those situations in mind. When I taught elementary school, inside recess could always use multiple options to engage the students. As I work in classroom now with elementary student teachers, I see the need still exists.

Bascially, ParCheeseMe is a counting game ... your task is to move your playing pieces from the beginning of the path (marked in white) to the end... not a new idea. There are three board options and options for 3 or 5 playing pieces. The shortest board was designed so the game would take 15 minutes or less (time really depends on how fast you count the moves). Point totals are kept as the game progresses.

Each turn consists of both players moving a playing piece. Instead of dice, three (or five) move choices are listed along the top of the screen. Press the “Puzzle Piece” to “roll” each turn. The color of the options indixcates which player selects first... the player that goes first is randomly selected each turn. So, it’s possible that the same player might select first multiple times in a row. Strategy is invovled... espcially near the ends of the paths... there are randomly BLOCKED spaces and randomly instered BONUS 5 spaces.

Players must move the exact number of hexagon spaces. Each move is all or nothing. You can't move just "some of the total." You can't split the total between multiple playing pieces. However, if you earn a BONUS 5 move, you may move any of your pieces the additional 5 spaces.

Both players must move to complete a turn... so it doesn't really matter who moves their piece first. But, if you CAN'T MOVE, you MUST END your turn. Do so by tapping on your move option at the top of the screen. You'll know a turn is completed when both player selections are ZERO.

Generally, the first player to fill all the matching color hexagons at the end of the path wins. However, since both players must move to complete a turn, that also means it is possible to TIE.