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Perfect 36

Seller: Wesley Watkins
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Perfect 36 is the most comprehensive ACT preparation app on the entire App Store! It features 20 unique lessons designed specifically to cover every concept tested on the ACT.

In addition to the 20 lessons, Perfect 36 features nearly one thousand practice questions, along with a full test for each individual subject: English, Math, Reading, and Science.

There is also a vocabulary section where users can study nearly 200 of the most common vocabulary words seen on the ACT.

How does Perfect 36 differ from other ACT prep apps? Perfect 36 cuts straight to the point. Its simple design and easy-to-use interface makes studying a breeze. Simply select a subject from the navigation bar on top, and begin studying! As simple as that.

Also, for each of the practice sets, Perfect 36 gives responses for every single answer choice. These responses are key for helping students understand why wrong answers are wrong and why correct answers are correct.