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Physical Health Diary

Seller: The App Workshop
Price: FREE

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Keep your own personal medical records with the Physical Health Diary. This evidence-based, informative diary has been developed to assist people to track and improve their health over time (particularly those who take mental health medications).

Your physical health is just as important as your mental health and both can influence each other. The consumer-directed diary helps you to work collaboratively with doctors, carers and/or support teams on the five main areas that can affect your health:

ADVERSE MEDICATION EFFECTS: Read up on recommended testing and potential adverse effects of the medications that you are prescribed. Keep track of doctors’ details, medications that you are taking, positive and negative effects of those medications, and chart your medical test results to view your progress over time.

LIFESTYLE FACTORS: Explore information and keep test results for cholesterol, exercise, weight, waist circumference, BMI, smoking, dental and sexual health.

PHYSICAL DISORDERS & ALLERGIES: Examine the major physical health issues for people taking mental health medications and keep track of any allergies you may have.

ALCOHOL & OTHER SUBSTANCES: Investigate your alcohol and other substance use and arm yourself with knowledge of safe drinking levels.

SOCIAL FACTORS: Connect with your beliefs surrounding physical and mental health, and examine supportive relationships and how they can benefit you and keep you healthy.

Additional Features:

• Sharing: In this app, you can register as a:
- Consumer
- Carer
- Health Practitioner
Only a Consumer can record and share some (or all) of their test results with others (Health Practitioner or Carer) who have also downloaded the app.

Health Practitioners and Carers can only record results for the consumer if the consumer has shared their information with them.

• Push notifications to remind you when your tests are due – Carers and Health Practitioners can set their own push notifications.

• Notes – write and keep personal notes for each section.

• Private and secure – you can rest assured that your personal information is completely confidential and secure.

• Evidence-based – all information detailed in the app is empirically sourced.

• Contacts list – keep a list of important people, addresses and phone numbers.

• Website – once you download the app you can login to the website with similar functions to the app.