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What are P O I ' s?
They are various and diverse businesses, clubs, museums, etc.
In short, they are: POINTS-OF-INTEREST!
Let’s say you want to find a store or service based on the block you are walking on. Just use SEARCH generically, for example: Auto Repair, ATM, Massage, etc…

Or, while traveling, ANYWHERE, for example:
You go on a vacay and start walking around, taking it all in, you see:
Restaurants, Bars, Food Trucks, Tattoo Parlors, and other notable places.

There are so many curious places and so many choices, that you and your companions make lot’s of excited comments to each other along the lines of:
"Hey we should go there for breakfast"; and,“This looks awesome, let’ go to this one next Saturday!”; or even, “I need a haircut now”!

You know you’ll never remember all of this dope and you’d be lucky to just get back to that part of town tomorrow. But with POI installed, simply open the app and it shows the closest POI. Whether it's miles away or right next door.

Once you locate something you are interested in, it’s easy to capture the info.
Touch the POI
Add a note
Confirm position on map
Touch SAVE

Later on, back at your Youth-Hostel, Hotel or The Dungeon, you might think,
"Hey where was that place I wanted to get a Tat-N’-Brew?"
You open POI, touch BOOKMARKS and your saved list appears.
Touch the POI of interest and your notes, address & phone of that POI appear.
Touch MAP for directions.

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