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Private Photos - No Snooping

Seller: Saliha Bhutta
Price: 0.99

Download Private Photos - No Snooping free via AppsHawk.

How many times have you been in a situation where you want to show a few photos or videos from your photo album but once you hand your device to your family and friends they either peek or look through rest of your pictures? Don't you just wish you could just select the photos you want to show to your friends and they only saw what you wanted to show them? Now you can!

Select any photo and video you want to show and share using this app and then hand over your device. All of your other photos will remain private. You can also select any number of pictures to send them simultaneously through email or DropBox as jpegs or in one zip file.

• Features
• Extremely easy to use app to view and share photos
• Change app theme color from red to blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, black or white
• Select any photo or video from your photo album
• Preview all photos and videos within the app
• Select photos and with one button push send them all through email
• Zip up photos or videos and share them through email or DropBox
• See actual photo or video name & date time stamp of its creation
• Change date format to anything you like
• GPS map to show you exactly where the picture was taken
• Photos and videos are shown in the order they are selected.