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Pro Baseball Stats

Seller: Wave 39 LLC
Price: FREE

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Fantasy baseball players and baseball stats fans, look no further for your professional baseball statistics needs than the Pro Baseball Stats app.

Pro Baseball Stats is here to provide you with statistics and details on batting and pitching match ups from professional baseball games from the 1940s to the present. By using a matchup selection view that allows you to choose one or more batters and pitchers to matchup, you can see the hitting statistics for all combinations of those batters and pitchers. In addition, you can drill down into a list of the at-bats that make up the stats, and from that list, view the data associated with each individual at-bat.

The multiple batter vs. multiple pitcher interface is perfect for helping you find the right matchup in your fantasy baseball league, or in doing research into the game's rich and storied history.

Also, there is a Guess The Average game included in the app. This game gives you the chance to test your batting average prognosticating skills (and luck plays a part in it too) to see how many runs you can score in either a single player or head-to-head game.

This app is similar to the Batter vs. Pitcher app, except now the data is retrieved from a web service instead of residing completely on your device.

If you have any feedback on the app, please let me know, I would be happy to hear your thoughts and ideas.