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Proband - Pedigrees Made Simple

Seller: The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Price: FREE

Download Proband - Pedigrees Made Simple free via AppsHawk.

PROBAND enables genetic counselors, geneticists, and researchers to effortlessly create family pedigrees on the iPad. Designed for use at the point of interview, PROBAND uses a simple, gesture-based interface to make drawing pedigrees as efficient as drawing on paper. With PROBAND, you can quickly create even the most complex family pedigrees simply and easily using the entire standard nomenclature.

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Proband is available at a reduced introductory price for a limited time only.

•Counselor can interact directly with the individual and quickly capture family history
•Depicts all family relationships: parents, siblings, twins, half-siblings, donors, and surrogates
•Uses standard healthcare vocabularies (ICD-10-CM, HPO), free text
•Intelligent use of multi-touch gestures and context-aware interface elements make editing efficient and easy, even for complex tasks
•Supports standard pedigree symbol partitions
•Exports to PDF for sharing annotated diagrams and for inclusion in other forums such as electronic health records
•Tracks disease history through families with affected quadrants
•Robust undo and edit allows flexibility during dynamic interview sessions
•Capture any level of detail, without the space limitations imposed by paper
•Stores information in a structured format for use by other software, computing systems, and clinical decision support algorithms

•ICD-10-CM and Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) disease annotations
•Multiple relationships per person
•Surrogates and donors
•Half Siblings
•Fraternal and Identical Twins
•Free-text annotations
•All data is stored locally on the iPad
•High quality PDF export

This application is one example of the many ways in which CBMi helps transform clinical care and research at our institution and across the industry.

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