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Prometheus IMT: METHANE

Seller: Prometheus DeltaTech
Price: FREE

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Emergency services widely use the METHANE acronym to build a report for alerting others about a major incident. The METHANE format is taught widely, and may seem easy to remember, but in a crisis is often difficult to recall at the very time that it is needed the most. The risk is therefore that the METHANE message is never sent, with subsequent delay in an appropriately-scaled emergency response. Prometheus IMT METHANE aims to be an intuitive, simple, quick and reliable way of building a METHANE message in a major incident situation, or an ETHANE message in a complex incident (i.e. a lower tier of incident where the essential components of the message are still very useful).

Prometheus IMT METHANE has been designed and develop by highly experienced emergency responders who still struggle to have the right fluency with the METHANE message when under extreme pressure. This is a tool designed to meet our needs. We believe others out there share those needs. Please let us know how we can make it better.