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Relaxing Rhythms by Unyte

Seller: Unyte Health
Price: FREE

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Relaxing Rhythms 15-Step Guided Meditation App helps you relax your mind and body by relieving stress and enabling you to gain balance and control over your busy life.

Relaxing Rhythms by Unyte gives you the art and science of balanced living. By pairing it with Unyte’s iom2 you are able to utilize active feedback and live results to track your meditation progress and gain the ultimate benefits. This App contains 3 different areas. The first is Guided Training, which contains the 15-Steps. Each of these steps includes an Inspirational piece, two guided meditations and a practice event. The second area is Self Exploration, where you can listen to more guided meditations. Last, the Grapher is also included, where you can watch your physiological states being tracked in real time.

Relaxing Rhythms brings together some of the world’s most prominent leaders in the field of health and wellness. Contributors include:

• Dr. Dean Ornish
• Dr. Andrew Weil
• Zen Master Nissim Amon
• Sharon Salzberg
• Stephen Cope
• Nawang Khechog
• Joan Borysenko

“Meditation, along with Active Feedback, is a perfect tool to help train you to return to your natural healthy state of balance and wholeness.”
~ Dr. Dean Ornish

“One of the most important tools you can incorporate into your life to affect not only the longevity of your life, but the quality of your life, is a deeper, slower breathing practice. The exercises in Relaxing Rhythms do just that.”
~ Dr. Andrew Weil

*** This app requires Unyte’s iom2 biofeedback device and a subscription to our interactive content library. ***

Unyte Interactive Meditation
Unyte is unlike any other relaxation or stress-management program. With a biofeedback device known as the iom2, your breathing and heart rate guide your practice. Paired with a subscription to our immersive meditation Journeys led by world-famous guides, you will immediately know how to improve your meditation and reach new levels of calm.

When you subscribe to Unyte, you’ll receive access to our growing library of interactive programs (we call them Journeys) that in total contain over 100 “vacations for your mind” - both guided and experiential. To learn more and sign up, visit us at

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