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Reverser Camera Loop Repeator

Seller: Polymath Company Limited
Price: FREE

Download Reverser Camera Loop Repeator free via AppsHawk.

Do you want to reverse your video professionally like Coldplay's MV The Scientist?

ReverserCam provide awesome way to make your awesome video become more hilarious. Such as you record a clip your friend jump in to the swimming pool or just walk and reverse it, cool for the summer! Let's try with few taps.

In additional, you can and replay or make slow motion in each wanted parts of video. You also can reverse videos from your Camera Roll. Enjoying your memorable moments, share it to social medias, make hilarious memories with your family and friends.

Simply use this app:

- Record video by ReverserCam or use your videos in Camera Roll.
- Reverse video.
- Repeat the trimmed part (with 2 - 10 times repeat)
- Make slow or fast trimmed part (with slowest is -16x and fastest +16x)
- Share it to social medias.