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Seller: Martin Suda
Price: FREE

Download Roasteries free via AppsHawk.

"Roasteries" - the roasteries-finder does exactly: It finds Roasteries in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.
With the surround-search the app finds roasters round the current position (25 / 50 / 100 km radius) - first as a list, and if you wish also as a map (this might produce additional costs in foreign countries, depending on your provider - the app informs you also about this possibility). Perfect, if you need coffee beans during your travel. and for coffee-junkies it would be annoying to miss a roastery on your trip…
With the free search you can search for roasters directly or you can search for cities and show the results in the map, perfect for planing a vacation.

Other functions:
- Shows the webpage of the roasters in a own view or in the browser
- Call a roastery directly from the app
- Send email directy from the app to a roastery
- Add Roasteries to your address book
- "Report"-button, to give feedback for a selected roaster: f.e. if direct sale is possible, if the info changed or what your impression of the coffee brand is.
- Reference source for the coffee brands (very helpful in foreign countries)
- how far the subjective comments from Ralf Duggen (german) about the brands are helpful, is your decision.

The database comes from
The website is a independent, add free catalog of about 1640 Roasteries.
Here is it possible to add comments for the brands and informations about "best use before" (will be also implemented in one of the next versions of the app)
Note: the completeness and correctness of the datas is not guaranteed. Every feedback will help to keep the datas up to date.