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Rough Diamond Price Estimator

Seller: Viral Sutariya
Price: FREE

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This is Rough Diamond Estimator.It helps to Manufacturer, Buyer, Seller, Broker, etc to estimate Rough Diamond rate.This app helps to estimate real retail cost of polished diamond from rough rate .

->Why Rough Diamond Estimator?
Whenever we buy rough that time first we check how much retail price of Polished Diamond. For Final Retail price of Diamond polished we need to do so many calculation.Calculation Like.

->How help Rough Diamond Estimator ?
Do you have a budget in mind but don't know what you can get? Our Diamond Estimator will provide retail Diamond polished price.We know percentage of rough,size of rough,labor charge and polished weight.So All this value through we can get final retail Diamond polished price.

Rough Diamond Estimator is Free to try. To use it without limitation.

Input Fields Descriptions:

=>Rough Rate input field need to insert price of rough.

Carat is the measurement unit of Gemstones and Diamond's weight. One caret is one fifth of gram or 1 Crt = 200 mg. Approx 6.5 mm diameter of round diamond will result in one carat. The price of diamond is heavily dependent on weight of Diamond.

=>Percentage input field need to insert the percentage of cutting rough.

=>Size input field need to insert the size of diamond.

=>Labor input field need to insert labor charge of one diamond.

=>Polished weight input field need to insert final diamond weight after whole diamond cutting and polished.

All parameter are required for Rough to polished Estimator.

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