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SBR Triathlon Calculator

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Download SBR Triathlon Calculator free via AppsHawk.

SBR Triathlon Calculator helps you to make triathlon training schedule: to prepare for the initial triathlon, sprint triathlon and the Olympic triathlon. Recording time swim, cycling and running, you can calculate how soon you can to cover the distance, for example, "the Ironman Triathlon" or "Triathlon Olympic distance".
Using SBR Triathlon Calculator is very simple: on the home screen you set the time for the triathlon, and you can see your results on the summary screen.
You do not need to worry about switching the measurement system, the application determines, from your settings, a measurement system you use.
Triathlon Calculator is suitable for the following triathlon race formats:
-- «Novice (Australia)» often called «Enticer triathlons»;
- «3–9–3 (New Zealand)»;
- «Super Sprint»;
- «Novice (Europe)»;
- «Sprint»;
- «Olympic»;
- «ITU-Long Distance (02)» also known as «Double Olympic Distance»;
- «Half» also known as «Middle distance» or «70.3» Total miles traveled or «Half-ironman»;
- «ITU-Long Distance (03)» also known as «Triple Olympic Distance»;
- «Full» also known as «Ironman Triathlon».