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Seller: Quimron GmbH
Price: FREE

Download Schneewittchen free via AppsHawk.

== Introductory offer - just for short time ==
This to date inimitable multimedia based interactive picture book tells the story of "Schneewittchen" (snow white). Enjoy this picture book with exciting features to participate and learn. Now out for iPhone and iPad.

Discover the tale of Schneewittchen with your eyes and experience how the fairy tale comes to life by your fingertips. Enter into the magic world of fairy tales. Fairy tales read in former times by our parents to fall asleep, your children can now experience on the iPad or on your television set (Apple connector necessary).

The lovingly hand painted drawings with text and audio are high definition and outstanding in its kind. Now you can show your kids the fairy on the device, read it by yourself or let it read by the application. A text zoom option allows easy reading even without glasses. This feature is also exceptional for beginning readers.

The embedded games, the to detect and automatically running interactive elements and the artful used sound effects and background music creates a magic world, not existing up to now.

• 20 high definition and never before shown images telling the story
• Some "Find the difference" games with variable images
• Some "liftoff puzzle" games with images from the fairy tale
• Several "sliding puzzle" games with different complexity levels based on motives of the story
• Find-and-launch visual animations and sound effects
• Text zoom option for better reading for young and old
• Read by professional speakers
• Text and audio in different languages