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SCN - distort your view

Seller: Dominik Seibold
Price: FREE

Download SCN - distort your view free via AppsHawk.

SCN lets you distort your pictures in a cool and simple way!
Use SCN like a traditional copier or scanner that creates cool effects by moving an image while scanning it.
Create stunning distortion effects by combining various settings, including different scan modes, gyroscope control, colors and formats. Choose LIVE mode to distort your current view on the world!

-3 different scan modes: 
SYNC for natural color output, just like a real scanner. 
SEQUENCE for an individual scan of each of the RGB channels. 
OFFSET for a custom distance between the RGB channels.
-LIVE-mode to get the actual live-view from the camera
-move, rotate and scale the placed image or the live-view on the scanning plate
-move and rotate with the iPhone’s gyroscope
-change the aspect ratio for full flexibility
-set the scan duration
-change the background color or even remove it
-set the start position for the scan
-enable 'smoothing' for a smoother movement of the image