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About Self Check
The statistics show one out of every eight woman will have bra cancer at one time in her life. Bra cancer is a common malign tumor type of the cancer, and generates 30% of all the types of cancer. Every year 180,000 new cases of bra cancer are de-tected in Europe, and 211,000 new cases in the USA. Bra cancer is three times more prevalent than other gynecologic tumors.

Self-Check © is an application series based on self examination methods and pro-vides the patient access to tests and documents about health. Self-Check © Breast cancer application is aimed to create awareness of bra cancer, and to give infor-mation about how to exanimate oneself.

Every woman can learn how to perform these examinations by checking documents or videos which can be found by using Self Check. Self Check is an application to teach *How to perform a proper bra examination* through provided educational videos.
You can follow the progress of your health aganist to bra cancer and get a pre-diagnosis through the reminder of the calendar year, introductory videos, medical documents, and appointment history. Remember that early diagnosis is your most effective weapon against to breast cancer.

It is possible to obtain incorrect and/or inadequate information about your breast health and be unnecessarily anxious by using incorrect examination techniques. For this reason, understanding clearly the introductory videos and correctly answering your questions is extremely important. This process is vitally important for pre-diagnosis of bra and lymph cancer. Remember, if you experience any dangerous symptoms or out of the ordinary tubercle, please consult with your doctor. In this application you can find a two-step test, ’Methods of Breast Self Examination’ that you need to repeat consecutively, and ‘Risk Analysis Test’.
The best time to examine your breasts is usually one week after your period begins (between the seventh and fourteenth day of period), and examination should be done monthly. Self Check application is only for educational purposes, and cannot be 100% diagnosed with the methods shown in the content.

Self Check personal data is safe!
In this application your obtained information is not shared with third person or com-panies, and your identifying information is securely stored.