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Shots Party | Drinking Game

Seller: Edouard Barbier
Price: FREE

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Shots Party - A simple drinking game to kickstart a party. Ready for a wild night?

Try it if you dare!

How it works:

1. Get together with your friends and turn the music on in your dorm, flat or house.
2. Grab any kind of drinks, alcoholic or not... anything really!
3. Grab shot glasses, one per player is ideal, but you can share, we're all friends right?!
4. Open the app and list the drinks you have found in your house.
5. Take turns and spin the wheel 3 times to fill your shot glass, our buddy Ghosty will select a random beverage from your list. After each spin, you will fill 1/3 of your shot glass with the drink you ended up on!

Careful though, if you list too many hard liquors, you might end up drinking a mix of Vodka, Tequila and Gin ... together! Yup... it's up to you haha!

Wanna make the game more interesting? We've seen people play this game with beer, wine, milk, coffee, Tabasco, vinegar... well you know how some people like to go mental with these things! That's how you throw a great college party right?!

We'll let you enjoy and have a good night with your friends playing our awesome drinking game.

If you had fun and still remember our game in the morning, drop us a review, we'll appreciate it!

To all the party kings out there... raise your cup, have fun and always keep in mind to Drink Responsibly!

You can also use the app with cups instead of shots and play mystery cocktails.

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